Top 3 Best Welding Shirts under $40 (2023)

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Welding shirts play an essential role in safety, but who says you can’t get quality without breaking the bank? As 2023 rolls in, the market has seen a burst of innovations. Some, surprisingly, come at an incredibly pocket-friendly price. 

Whether you’re a seasoned welder or a newbie starting your journey, finding a robust welding shirt under $40 is a steal! Dive into our curated list and discover the top three welding shirts that promise not only protection but also won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Who makes the best welding shirts?

The realm of welding demands superior protection, and this begins with the right attire. As the industry evolves, several brands have risen to the occasion, crafting welding shirts that seamlessly blend safety, durability, and comfort.

Among these brands, a select few have truly distinguished themselves as the vanguards of top-quality welding shirts, ensuring that welders are shielded from the inherent risks of their trade.

  • Carhartt: Synonymous with rugged durability and innovative FR technology.
  • Lincoln Electric: Merging comfort with advanced flame-resistant materials.
  • LAPCO FR™: Prioritizing safety with Nomex® thread and heavy materials.
  • Western Welder Outfitting: Combining fashion with optimal protection.
  • Black Stallion: Renowned for its reliable ARC2 protection and style.
  • Portwest: Delivering protection through certified flame-resistant garments.
  • Revco: Blending traditional design with modern safety standards.

Why flame-resistant shirts are good for welding?

Flame-resistant (FR) shirts are an indispensable asset for welders. Engulfed in sparks, slag, and searing temperatures, welders are always on the frontline of potential hazards. FR shirts act as a protective shield, designed specifically to resist ignition and minimize burn injuries. 

  • Safety First: Provides an essential barrier against fire-related injuries.
  • Durable Design: Engineered to withstand high temperatures without melting or dripping.
  • Minimal Burn Severity: Reduces the extent of potential burns by stopping flame spread.
  • Compliance Assured: Often meets industry safety standards and regulations.
  • Comfort Considered: Made with materials that ensure breathability while guarding against heat.
  • Increased Work Efficiency: Confidence in safety allows welders to focus on precision and quality.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various welding processes, from MIG to TIG and beyond.

Top 3 Affordable Welding Shirts (under $40)

In 2023, the welding industry has seen a surge in advancements, with protective gear topping the list of innovations. Among the many safety garments, button-up welding shirts have emerged as a favorite for professionals.

Portwest Bizflame 88/12 Shirt

Portwest Bizflame 88/12 Shirt

The Portwest Bizflame 88/12 Shirt seamlessly merges sophistication with top-tier safety. Lightweight yet tenacious, it provides steadfast flame resistance complemented by ARC2 protection against electric arcs — a testament to its robust defense in demanding welding scenarios.

Crafted for day-long comfort, its tailored shirttail stays put, ensuring unhindered movements for welders. With an 88% cotton and 12% nylon fusion, the shirt delivers both solace and enduring wear. Thoughtful touches like adjustable button cuffs and flapped chest pockets enhance its utility while upping its style quotient.

Key Features:

  • CE-CAT III Endorsement: Reflects superior safety benchmarks.
  • Perpetual Flame Shield: Maintains protection throughout the garment’s lifespan.
  • Dual-Defense Mechanism: Acts against both radiant and convective heat sources.
  • Ultraviolet Guard: With a 50+ UPF rating, it deflects 98% of detrimental UV emissions.
  • Practical Pockets: Equipped with dual pockets for easy accessibility.
  • Snug Design: Features adjustable button cuffs and a steadfast shirttail hem.
  • Certifications Galore: Earns its stripes with ASTM F1959/F1959M-12, ASTM F1506-10a, NFPA® 2112, NFPA® 70E, EN ISO 11612, and CE badges.
  • Material Integrity: Boasts a resilient Bizflame 88/12 blend: 88% Cotton and 12% Nylon, weighing in at 237g.
  • Priced at $29.99

Black Stallion FR Denim Welding Shirt

Black Stallion FR Denim Welding Shirt

The budget-friendly Black Stallion FR long-sleeve welding shirt offers both protection and comfort without the heft of a conventional leather jacket. It’s apt for use as an extra layer beneath a jacket or alone for minimalistic welding and grinding tasks. Crafted from robust yet breathable 8-ounce 100% cotton denim, it trails just behind 100% wool in its natural flame-resistant capacities.

Black Stallion ensures this shirt adheres to the ASTM F1506 standards. One of the benchmarks being the fabric’s retention of its flame-resistant attributes even after a significant 25 wash cycles.

Key Features:

  • Pockets and Utility: Includes chest pocket flaps and a handy pencil slot.
  • Size Spectrum: Ranges from S-4XL.
  • Certifications: Flame-resistant tags adorn the left sleeve and pocket.
  • Reviews: An impressive 92% of customers rate it 4 or 5 stars.
  • Comparative Analysis: Place it side by side with the Lincoln Welding Shirt for perspective.
  • Price: $27.99



Elevate your safety at work with TICOMELA’s FR Shirt. Engineered to meet the demanding standards of NFPA2112-2018, this shirt offers top-tier flame resistance, ensuring enhanced protection against short-term thermal exposures from fire.

Key Features:

  • Certification: Proudly NFPA2112-certified for resilience against fire-related hazards.
  • Safety First: In an environment prone to flash fires, reduce your risk of injuries and burns by wearing this flame-resistant shirt.
  • Material: Crafted from 100% Cotton FR Twill, weighing a comfortable 6.5oz.
  • Wash & Care: Convenient machine wash without compromising its FR properties.
  • Fastening: Traditional button-down mechanism for ease and style.
  • Design & Fit: A classic design with a relaxed fit, ensuring both comfort and functionality. Suitable for extended wear, especially in long work shifts.
  • Sleeve Length: Full-length sleeves for added protection.
  • Standards Compliance: In line with NFPA2112, ASTM F1506, and CAT II standards.
  • Price: $39.99

Welding Shirts Buying Guide for Beginners

Taking into account critical aspects such as the fabric’s material, fitting, longevity, heat resistance, and maintenance ease, it’s evident that flame resistance is a non-negotiable feature in any welding shirt selection.

Dive deeper into the welding realm with our comprehensive FREE Welding Shirts Guide. It’s pivotal to remember that the right welding attire can substantially amplify your protection, comfort, and entire welding journey.

Merge safety with elegance!


Some commonly asked questions regarding Best Welder shirts are:

What do Professional Welders use?

Professional welders utilize a wide range of tools and equipment to ensure precision, safety, and efficiency in their work. Some of the primary tools include:

  • Welding Machines
  • Welding Helmets
  • Safety Gear: This encompasses flame-resistant (FR) clothing, leather gloves, safety boots, and respirators to protect against fumes.

What is the difference between FR and Non-FR Welding Shirts?

FR (Flame-Resistant) Welding Shirts: These are specifically designed to resist ignition and prevent the spread of flames. If exposed to a brief flame, they will self-extinguish once the source of the fire is removed. They offer protection against potential flash fires or short-duration thermal exposures.

Non-FR Welding Shirts: These shirts are not treated to resist flames, making them less safe for welding operations. While they might provide minimal protection against sparks, they can easily catch fire and sustain burning, posing a significant risk to the wearer.

What is the most popular welding company?

While there are several renowned welding companies globally, one of the most recognized is Miller Electric. With a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality welding equipment and accessories, Miller Electric has become a trusted name in both professional and hobbyist circles. Other notable companies in the industry include Lincoln Electric, ESAB, and Hobart.

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