Black Stallion FR Welding Shirts: An Expert Review

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When it comes to choosing the right gear for welding tasks, nothing less than the best will suffice. In the arena of safety and performance, one brand has earned its place in the spotlight, Black Stallion. With their FR (Flame Resistant) Welding Shirts, they have successfully raised the bar for workwear standards.

Today we’ll expertly review, the features, functionalities, available options, and reviews on Black Stallion FR Welding Shirts, providing you with an in-depth understanding that will assist in your purchasing decision.

Are they worth the hype? Let’s find out!

Black Stallion FR Shirts Collection (2023)

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The Black Stallion FR Shirts collection truly embodies diversity, offering a rich array of designs that cater to varying needs and preferences. From NFPA-certified t-shirts to flame-resistant work shirts, their collection is meticulously designed to enhance safety and comfort while maintaining a keen eye for style.

Black Stallion’s Flame-Resistant (FR) shirt collection is nothing short of impressive, presenting a wide range of options tailored to cater to the diverse needs of welders. From conventional long-sleeved shirts to contemporary Henleys, and work shirts to jackets, Black Stallion’s portfolio promises both versatility and protection.

Some of the FR Clothing series are listed below.

TF2510NFPA 2112 & NFPA70E 7 oz. FR Cotton Knit Long-Sleeve T-Shirts, available in Gray, Navy, Safety Orange, and Safety Lime
TF2511NFPA 2112 FR Cotton Knit LS T-Shirt with Reflective Tape, available in Lime and Orange
TF25207 oz. Flame-Resistant Cotton Jersey Henley, available in Navy/Gray, Gray/Orange, and Gray/Lime
FS9-PGYFlame-Resistant Cotton Work Shirt in Gray Plaid
WF2110 SeriesAR/FR Cotton Work Shirts in different colors and patterns, some with 2″ Reflective Tape

The brand’s exceptional understanding of welder’s needs is reflected in its diverse offerings, from NFPA-certified shirts for maximum flame resistance to color variations for personal preferences.

Black Stallion FR Shirts: Quality

I had the privilege of testing out the Black Stallion FR shirts collection, and I must say, the quality is nothing short of impressive. From the sturdy construction to the thoughtful design details, it’s evident that Black Stallion has mastered the art of combining comfort, durability, and safety.

  • Fabric Quality: The use of flame-resistant cotton knit in their shirts ensures safety and comfort. The fabric feels soft on the skin while offering impressive flame-resistant properties
  • Construction: The construction of these shirts is solid. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of welding, with reinforced stitching and hard-wearing materials.
  • Safety Standards: These shirts meet and exceed NFPA 2112 & NFPA70E standards, assuring you that they have been rigorously tested for safety.
  • Comfort: The shirts are surprisingly comfortable, with their breathable fabric and ergonomic design making them suitable for long hours of wear.
  • Design: The variety in design and colors offers something for everyone. From traditional work shirts to contemporary Henleys, the range is versatile.

Post usage, the Black Stallion FR shirts continued to impress. They retained their shape and flame-resistant properties even after multiple washes, a testament to their enduring quality.

The comfort and safety these shirts provide, coupled with their durability and the brand’s adherence to safety standards, make them an excellent investment for any professional welder. Based on my experience, Black Stallion is a brand that certainly delivers on its promises.

Black Stallion FR Shirts: Sizing

black stallion fr clothing worn by a welder focused on work

From my first-hand experience, there are two standout features – their unique sizing approach and impeccable stitching quality.

  • Old-School Sizing: Unlike many modern brands that opt for a tighter fit, Black Stallion adheres to traditional, old-school sizing. Their shirts tend to run larger than most. This isn’t a flaw; it’s a deliberate design choice. The more generous fit provides greater mobility and comfort, which are critical when you’re working with welding equipment.
  • Stitching Quality: The first thing I noticed when examining these shirts was the superior stitching quality. Every seam was neat and tight, and there were no loose threads or uneven lines. This level of craftsmanship contributes to the durability of the shirts and ensures they can withstand the rigors of a welder’s day.

Here is the size chart of Black Stallion Welding Shirts and Jackets.

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large2XL3XL4XL5XL
Chest Size33″ – 37″37″ – 41″41″ – 45″45″ – 49″49″ – 53″53″ – 57″57″ – 61″61″ – 65″
Sleeve Size33″34″34″36″36″37″37″38″

The larger sizing allows for freedom of movement and enhanced comfort, a quality you’ll definitely appreciate when you’re in the middle of a long, hot welding project. As for the stitching, the meticulous attention to detail is evident and contributes to the overall durability of the shirts.

Black Stallion FR Shirts: Lifespan

To my observation, the lifespan of these shirts has a lot to do with the type of shirt and the level of care provided.

  • Shirt Type: Interestingly, Black Stallion’s welding shirts tend to last longer than their welding henleys. This is because the shirts are generally made from sturdier materials designed to withstand intense welding environments. In my experience, these shirts can comfortably last 1-2 years with regular use.
  • Care Level: I’ve found that the lifespan of these shirts significantly depends on proper care. For instance, stains from fires or damage from rough use should be addressed immediately. If a shirt gets damaged beyond repair, it’s best to replace it to ensure maximum safety.

With the correct care, they can continue to serve as reliable pieces of safety equipment for 1-2 years, even in the harshest of welding environments. However, safety should always be a priority. Any garment, regardless of quality, should be replaced if damaged or stained from fire to maintain optimal protection.

Black Stallion FR Shirts: Pricing

I’d like to discuss their pricing, which I found to be quite affordable. These shirts, despite their superior quality, are budget-friendly, making them accessible to welders across various income brackets.

  • Range: The pricing range for Black Stallion FR shirts and jackets is quite reasonable. You can find quality options from as low as $31, going up to around $75. This range offers flexibility, allowing you to find something that fits your budget.

For such a reputable brand, Black Stallion manages to keep its FR shirts and jackets competitively priced. The cost-effectiveness of these garments, combined with their quality and durability, makes them a smart investment for any welder.

Black Stallion FR Weld Shirts: Care Guide

black stallion shirts getting stained

Black Stallion’s FR welding shirts are synonymous with durability and safety, but even the toughest of garments require proper care to maintain their integrity. By following a few key practices, you can extend the life of your Black Stallion FR shirt, keeping it looking and performing at its best.

  • Machine Wash: Always adhere to the washing instructions on the label. Generally, these shirts can be machine washed with warm water and mild detergent. However, avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals, as they can break down the fabric’s flame-resistant properties.
  • Stain Removal: For stubborn stains, spot-clean the area before washing. Never use stain removers that contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Air Dry: Tumble drying is not advised for these shirts. Air drying helps to preserve the fabric’s flame-resistant properties.
  • No Ironing: The fabric of Black Stallion’s FR shirts is designed to resist wrinkles, so ironing is unnecessary and could damage the fabric.
  • Inspection: Regularly inspect your shirt for signs of wear and tear. If you find any frayed seams, loose buttons, or burn marks, it’s time to replace the shirt.

Proper cleaning and routine inspection ensure not just the shirt’s longevity but also your safety. Bear in mind that these shirts are your first line of defense against potential hazards, so treat them with the care they deserve.

Our expertly created Welding Apparel Free Care Guide outlines a simple caring plan that can increase the life span of your welding gear.

Top 5 Black Stallion Welding Shirts

Black Stallion Welder Shirts shown in a collage format

While all their shirts have the potential to significantly enhance your safety and comfort on the job, there are a few standout models that deserve special recognition.

  • FS7-KHK Flame-Resistant Cotton Work Shirt
  • WF2110-ST FR Cotton Work Shirt, Stone Khaki
  • FS8-DNM Flame-Resistant Denim Work Shirt
  • WF2110-GY FR Cotton Work Shirt, Gray
  • TF2520-GL 7 oz. Flame-Resistant Cotton Jersey Henley, Gray/Lime

These Welding shirts are the best sellers and have long been trusted by welders for the last decade. But Black Stallion has multiple other options in its collection for all sorts of welders.

Top 5 Black Stallion Welding Jackets

The following welder jackets stand out when we talk about the Black Stallion FR collection. They are affordable, long-lasting, and stylish.

  • BXRB9C Contoured FR Cotton Welding Jacket, Royal Blue
  • BX9C Contoured FR Cotton Welding Jacket, Black with Red Flames
  • FL9-30C 200 FR Cotton Welding Jacket, Safety Lime
  • JF1331-BK Full-Zip FR Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt, Black
  • JF1332-OR 200 FR Cotton Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, Safety Orange

Welding jackets are made of robust material that keeps you safe even during the most intense welding sessions. The surprising part about the Black Stallion FR clothing is the starting price of their most popular items. It’s a great deal!

Black Stallion Shirts and Jackets: Women

Black Stallion Women Welding Shirts displayed via an image

Black Stallion’s commitment to inclusivity and quality extends to providing a solid range of welding shirts designed with the unique needs of women in mind. Their women’s collection showcases an impressive range of welding shirts that are not only flame-resistant but also stylish, comfortable, and tailored to fit.

The two best-sellers are:

  • JH1515-NB Women’s Hybrid Welding Jacket, Navy & Black
  • JF1015-NB Women’s FR Cotton Welding Jacket, Navy & Black

Welding Shirts Free Buyer Guide (2023)

If you are looking to get the best quality weld shirt for a reasonable price, Black Stallion FR Clothing can definitely be considered. There are a wealth of options in the welding apparel market for all budget brackets and different welding jobs.

The FREE comprehensive buyer’s guide can assist you in your decision-making process. To truly make an informed choice, multiple factors need to be considered and a buying guide can aid with the purchase. Stay healthy, safe, and keep the welder spirit alive.

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