Top 5 Black Stallion FR Shirts (2023)

black stallion fr shirts 2023

Navigating the world of flame-resistant apparel can be a daunting task, but when it comes to reliable protection and comfort, few brands stand out like Black Stallion. Offering a variety of well-crafted and stylishly designed FR shirts, Black Stallion has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the welding industry.

However, with the vast assortment of products, the choice of the best option can be daunting. In today’s guide, we will review the top 5 Black Stallion’s FR shirts in their welding shirts collection.

Let’s jump right in!

Top 5 Black Stallion Welding Shirts

black stallion fr welding shirt sported by a welder wearing a mask

After expert analysis and reviewing the quality, stitching, durability, style, and pricing of their collection, our five picks are as follows:



In the lineup of Black Stallion’s FR shirts, the FS7-KHK undeniably makes its mark. Designed for welders who prioritize both comfort and protection, this flame-resistant shirt is manufactured from 7 oz. FR-treated cotton. It provides a lightweight but solid layer of protection.

Its traditional khaki color adds to its professional appeal, while the generous fit ensures easy mobility during challenging tasks. The shirt comes with chest pockets with flaps, proving its practical utility, and sturdy metal snaps that contribute to its overall durability.

The size range from S-4XL caters to a variety of body types, accommodating everyone from the small to the generously built.

  • Manufactured from 7 oz. flame-resistant treated cotton
  • Generous fit for maximum comfort
  • Equipped with chest pockets with flaps
  • Durable metal snaps for secure fastening
  • Available in sizes S-4XL

The shirt costs $39.99

Flame-resistant treated cotton offers robust protectionOnly available in khaki color
Generous fit provides superior comfortSolid pattern might be too plain for some
Comes with practical chest pocketsMight not be suitable for non-welding environments
Durable metal snaps add to overall longevity
Wide range of sizes available for different body types



Black Stallion’s FS8-DNM is an impressive inclusion in their FR shirt lineup, offering robust protection with its 8 oz. flame-resistant treated cotton denim. More than just a work shirt, it showcases a perfect blend of style and safety that’s hard to miss.

It’s generous fit offers unmatched comfort, allowing freedom of movement during tasks, while the chest pockets with flaps prove handy for quick access to small tools. The shirt features durable metal snaps, adding to its sturdiness, and is available in sizes ranging from S-4XL, making it a versatile choice for workers of all sizes.

The shirt costs $37.99

  • Constructed from 8 oz. flame-resistant treated cotton denim
  • Generous fit for optimum comfort
  • Comes with chest pockets with flaps
  • Incorporates durable metal snaps
  • Available in sizes Small to 4XL
Heavy-duty FR-treated cotton denim for enhanced protectionLimited to denim color
Practical chest pockets for tool storageDenim material might be too heavy for some
Compliance with Standards: Complies with NFPA 70E standards, ensuring safety in environments with electric arc flash riskNot suitable for non-welding work environments
Sturdy metal snaps for secure closureTends to slightly lose color after a year
Budget-Friendly: A well-priced option that doesn’t compromise on safety or quality
Available in a wide range of sizes
Stylish and durable


WF2110 PR

The Black Stallion WF2110-PR is a high-quality, flame-resistant shirt, designed to meet the unique needs of industries such as oil and gas, electrical utility, construction, welding, and others. Its heavy-duty composition of 7 oz. FR-treated cotton guarantees top-notch protection while maintaining a comfortable fit.

With durability a core priority, the shirt features flame-resistant threads and shatterproof FR melamine buttons. The design is purposeful, with chest pockets offering a practical pencil slot, and the curved hem providing extended protection even when untucked. Tested to maintain protection through 100 home washings, this shirt stands the test of time.

The shirt costs $34.99

  • 7 oz. FR-treated cotton construction
  • Stitched with durable flame-resistant threads
  • Shatterproof FR melamine buttons
  • Easy ID FR patch on left shoulder
  • Chest pockets with protective flaps and pencil slot
  • Curved hem for added protection
  • Complies with NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506, OSHA 1910.269, and 1910.132 standards
  • Available in sizes Small to 4XL
Robust flame-resistant constructionMight be too warm for hot weather conditions
Durable threads and buttons for added longevityLimited to red and blue plaid design
ID FR patch for easy identificationNot recommended for casual wear
Multiple pockets for practical use
Tested for protection up to 100 washes


WF2110 NV

The Black Stallion WF2110-NV sets a new standard in safety and comfort for professional workwear. This FR-treated cotton shirt, available in sizes S-5XL, is tailored for a generous and comfortable fit, offering maximum movement and ease during work hours.

The shirt’s built-in safety features, such as durable FR threads, shatterproof melamine buttons, and an easy ID FR patch on the shoulder, reflect the thoughtfulness of the design. An added advantage is the curved hem which provides enhanced protection when the shirt is untucked.

It meets various safety standards, including NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, and OSHA regulations.

The shirt costs $44.99

  • 7 oz. FR-treated cotton with a generous comfortable fit
  • Stitched with durable FR threads
  • Shatterproof FR melamine buttons
  • Easy ID FR patch on left shoulder
  • Chest pockets with protective flaps and pencil slot
  • Curved hem for enhanced protection
  • Conforms with NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506, and OSHA 1910.269, 1910.132 standards
  • Available in sizes S-5XL
Sturdy FR constructionMay feel heavy in warmer climates
Durable FR threads and shatterproof buttonsOnly one style available
Easy ID FR patch for quick identification
Practical pocket design with pencil slot
Tested for protection up to 100 home washes


TF2520 NG

The TF2520-NG is a Black Stallion masterpiece that symbolizes a unique blend of safety, comfort, and style. Woven from 7 oz. flame-resistant cotton jersey knit, this shirt fits comfortably, making it suitable for prolonged work hours.

With its premium heat-resistant urea buttons and stitching done with sturdy FR aramid threads, this shirt manifests an unyielding commitment to your safety. Meeting the ASTM F1506, NFPA 2112, and NFPA 70E standards, the TF2520-NG ensures comprehensive protection against both flash fires and arc flash hazards.

The shirt costs $35.50

  • 7 oz. flame-resistant cotton jersey knit fabric
  • Premium heat-resistant urea buttons
  • Stitched with durable FR aramid threads
  • Conforms to ASTM F1506, NFPA 2112, and NFPA 70E standards
  • Tested to retain its protection even after 100 washes
  • Available in sizes S-4XL
Durable FR construction with aramid threadsAvailable only in one color
Compliant with multiple safety standardsMay not be suitable for all climates
Offers excellent protection, even after 100 washesNot suitable for casual wear
Premium heat-resistant buttons

Black Stallion FR: Detailed Brand Review

Black Stallion FR Shirts offer quality and it becomes clear why this brand has garnered so much attention and admiration in the industry. Their consistent emphasis on safety, quality, comfort, and durability has produced a range of protective clothing that stands the test of time and rigorous usage.

Our needs differ based on the jobs that we do and the industries we work in. Some welders prefer lightweight welding shirts and others don’t want to break the bank for a single shirt.

We have expertly compiled a review of the best welding shirts for each category. This will make the decision making a piece of cake for you. Stay safe and happy welding.

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